Monday January 2

I hope everyone had a great holiday break. Many of you had lots of extra down time, so hopefully we can get back in the swing of things today, rejuvenated and re-focused. Your achievements this year will be proportional to your effort. Effort includes all aspects of your health, not just what goes on in the gym. Make smarter life choices, in all areas. Nobody ever wakes up on Sunday thinking “man I’m really glad I had that 2nd dessert/pack of cigarettes/entire week’s worth of shit food last night.” Don’t be impulsivity’s bitch.
Some things to keep in mind going forward…
1. Warm-ups today and hereafter need to be quicker and more efficient, less basic and more mobility and skills-based.
2. I need to see more stretching/rolling/prehab immediately following wods. Do yourself a favor, it will serve to speed up recovery, minimize soreness, and reduce risk of injury. It is no coincidence that those of you who need the most work flexibility-wise are not doing mobility work pre-wod and are often bolting rather quickly post-wod. 0 postwod stretching = increased soreness, reduced mobility, delayed recovery.
3. It is time for new strength tracking sheets and institution of the new folder system. Ol Blue is gettin tossed today, so remove any old sheets you want to hold onto while you still can.
4. Everyone needs to keep more accurate track of your progress, including strength days, conditioning, and of course testing. I NEED YOU ALL POSTING HERE DAILY. It only takes 30 seconds, and you can all do it from your phone. This site will serve as a digital record backup, though you should have an excel spreadsheet at home or on your phone for your own records. The site now includes WOD tags, so if you want to look back for old scores, check out the bottom left corner of the page.

A. Press
B. 10 min jerk practice. This will be timed. Start with the weight you used for your last set of presses.
C. 50 HSPU for time. If you can do more than 20 unbroken, these must be hand-release. 15 abmat situps must be performed every time you come off the wall.
D. If you haven’t done so, post your 2012 goals to Sunday’s thread.