Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years! It’s that time – I need 5 specific goals from everyone for 2012. If you have no goals in mind, then you are essentially wandering aimlessly. I’ll give you all your first one: learn how to perform basic maintenance on yourselves, ie be more pro-active with your mobility/flexibility and recovery work. Done consistently and correctly, you will improve your overall performance, speed, coordination, recovery and durability while lowering your risk for injury and overtraining.

I need to see these from each of you: 1 skills goal, 1 strength goal (this can be a set of goals, ie 500 DL, 400 squat, 225 power snatch, 275 powerclean), 1 goal for benchmarks, and 1 lifestyle change.

Here’s B-Wall’s:
1 skills goal: Muscle Up by the end of the semester; more than 1 real hand stand pushup
1 strength goal: at least 200 lb deadlift, HPC at least 140
1 goal for benchmarks: Complete Murph
1 lifestyle change: Be more diligent with what I eat at home; come up with a fairly strict food plan on what to eat every day so I can be like this…..


and less like this