Monday October 17

CrossFit Total

1 rep test for max load, 3 attempts each (in order)
Back squat, Press, Deadlift

This is formatted like a powerlifting meet: warm up as you like, then you must declare when you are attempting your first official squat. You only get 3 attempts, and weight may not be decreased once you begin. All 3 attempts are made before moving onto the press, and so on. Your CFT is the sum of your best squat, press and DL.

Saturday Cindy

Tuesday May 31

“CrossFit Total”

1 rep back squat
1 rep press
1 rep deadlift

CFT = total of 3 best lifts (ie 200 squat + 100 press + 300 DL = 600 CFT). You only have 3 (pre-designated) attempts at each, not counting warm ups.

Keras pulls 455