Monday January 23

A. Block power snatch – technique first, weight later
B. DL week 3 – only perfect reps
C. 3 rounds for max reps: 30 sec TTB + 30 sec KB swings + 30 sec boxjumps, rest 90 sec


Sunday January 22

Active recovery

Max out week coming up. Roll off the couch periodically today for some stretching and foam rolling/lacrosse ball love. If any body parts are bothersome, ice them.

Tuesday January 17

A. Rack jerks – 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1
B. 3 rounds of: 25 sec row sprint @ 100% (5 sec to transition to rope) + 30 sec max DU, rest 1 min, 25 sec AirDyne sprint @ 100% (5 sec to transition) + 30 sec max DU, rest 1 min

Post loads for A and cals/reps for B to comments.

Monday January 16

Sorry, gang, no 5am today

Dynamic/mobility warm-up

A1.  Bench 3 x 3
A2.  HPC 3 x 3, rest 3 min  *moderate load, maximum speed
B.  4 rounds for times: 5 unbroken HPC & jerk + 10 plyo pushups + 15 TTB, one beginning every 3 min, active rest

Saturday January 14

Warm-up: 10 min cardio of choice, between jumprope, bike and row. 20 minutes of mobility work, particularly on personal problem areas. Lacrosse balls, bands, foam roll, pvc stretches, etc.

Testing: 5K run

Course is mapped on the white board by the timer. Beginning from the corner of Evans and Broad, head west on BROAD to your 3rd left, take that left on MAGNOLIA until it dead ends into Baxter. Left on BAXTER, keep straight past Milledge til you see the 2nd left at POPE (just after Papa John’s). Left on Pope and continue until you dead end into Broad, then take BROAD left and bust it home! You finish at the door of the pawn shop aka the front half of our building.