Saturday January 28

Team WOD!

We will be outside. We will be dirty. Dress appropriately.


3 comments on “Saturday January 28

  1. Block power snatch up to 210 (5 lb PR)
    Block cleans up to 255 for 3 singles, testing hammy – feels gooooood
    Then 3 rounds of (8, 5, 5) MU + 20 GHSU

  2. Block power cleans up to 205 (working on catch)
    Block squat cleans at 185
    Week 2 Squats 5×165, 5×175, 5×195, 3×10 @ 205 (12 reps last set)
    Met Con: 45sec on/ 15 sec off continuous for 3 rounds for max reps:
    Double Unders
    1.5pood KB snatches (alternating from ground)
    strict abmat situps

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