Wednesday December 4

A1. DL
A2. KTE 10-15 quickies, work on kip
B. For time: 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 reps of unbroken KB swings and unbroken GHSU, followed immediately by 500 m row sprint

17 comments on “Wednesday December 4

  1. Went to the Crossfit down here in Suwanee to get in a workout for the first time in a month…what is the workout I happened to drop in on? Fran.

    Took 7 minutes off my original time as Rx’ed. 11:42….MUCH better than a lopsided, one legged 18:22 I did last year.

    Except, now I can’t move. Yay!

  2. DL 5×10 @ 100
    Step ups 5×20 @25
    5 rounds of 30 du, 10 pu, 20 supine knees to chest-attempted at 9500 ft…terrible idea!!

  3. DL 275×6

    20 KB swings @70 + 20 BJ + 20 AirDyne cal — 3 rounds starting at each 5min
    Round 1: 2:02
    Round 2: I guess Brent felt round 1 went to fast so he added 10 burpees after the BJ, and he was right bc I dont remember round 2 or 3 times

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