Friday 12/31/10

Happy New Years Eve! I thought it appropriate to have a countdown wod to celebrate the close of 2010.

10 rounds, from 10>1 rep of:

Cleans (full) @ 135/95
CTB pullups
OH lunge (45/35 lbs) 2 steps = 1 rep
Alternating TTBs (instead of bringing feet to middle of bar, toes should touch just outside of your right hand 1st and then outside of your left the next time they come up; right+left=1 rep)

Post time and any scaling to comments.
Enjoy the holiday and be safe!

Thursday December 30

We will be off Saturday and Sunday, so wods will be posted through Friday.

A. Push press 3 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1, rest 2-3 min

B. 100 GHSU for time, rest 5 min

C. Death by Prowler! to be explained upon your arrival

Wednesday December 28

In 15 min, complete AMRAP of:

10 burpee lateral boxjumps 24″ men/20″ women (1st burpee is from left side of box, jump up to your right w hips facing north; next one is from right side of box)
10 unbroken wallballs
10 CTBs

Today’s old school CF video to watch: Nasty Girls

Post rounds complete to comments.

Prezy Junior goes to work

Tuesday December 27

In 10 min, work up to a challenging hang (squat) clean single.
Then, complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes: 5 HSC (using 70% of your best single) & 10 TTB.

Post weights and rounds complete to comments.
(example: single: 245. Then 175 for 4 rounds + 3 cleans)

The pups nod in approval

Monday December 27

A. OHS 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3, rest 3 min

B1. Press 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1, rest 10 seconds
B2. 20 unbroken CTB pull-ups x 5, rest 3 min

C. For 10 min, do as many muscle-ups as poss in 1 unbroken set at the top of each minute.

Friday December 24

12 Days of Christmas: Home Edition

2 forward rolls (must stand up between reps)
3 broad jumps (must jump as far as you can with both feet together)
4 cartwheels (alternate sides)
5 divebomber pushups
6 squat jumps – 3 sec pause at bottom of squat, MAX height jump
7 pushups, release hands from ground at bottom of each rep
8 walking lunges
9 situps (hands stay extended straight overhead)
10 jumplunges
11 Cobra Kai get-ups (kneel on shins, hop up to standing)
12 burpee barrel rolls (hit the deck, barrel roll to your right, pushup to jump; hit the deck, roll left this time, push up jump; alt directions)

Go through this workout just like the song: 1 HSPU; 2 forward rolls, 1 HSPU; 3 broad jumps, 2 rolls, 1 HSPU; and so on until your last round begins with 12 burpees.
We will relax Saturday and Sunday, so do this one with a family member before you enjoy being lazy the whole weekend. Happy holidays!
Post time to comments.

Thursday December 23

Burpees by the bunch!

On a continuously running clock, do 10 burpees the first minute AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
Rest the remainder of the minute. At the top of the 2nd minute, hit your 10 burpees again. Continue with this for 15 minutes, taking mental notes of time required for completion of burpees. This is pass/fail. Post results to comments.