Tuesday Nov 30

Press 5 – 3 – 1

Then 5 rounds of:
10 hang power snatches @ 115/75 lbs UNBROKEN
15 pullups UNBROKEN
30 double-unders UNBROKEN

Post press weights and metcon time to comments.

Paul joins the 300 club

Monday Nov 29

Deadlift 5 – 3 – 1

Then 4 rounds @ max effort:
GH Raises 8-10 reps (add bands if necessary)
20 BJs, work on technique/speed
20 TTB, work on kip
sprint 50m @ 100%
active rest 3 min (walk back)

Post weights for DL and times for each round to comments

Linds falls in love with glute-ham raises

Wednesday Nov 23

Tabata SOMEthing

Pick 4 exercises, 1 from each line:
pushups, handstand pushups
burpees, jumplunges
situps, V-ups

You will spend 4 minutes on each move (eg pushups, burpees, situps, and airsquats)
With a running clock, do as many reps as possible in the first 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times for the first exercise, and be sure to write down your # of reps completed while you are resting during your 10 sec break. After the 8th set (4 minutes), immediately transition to the 2nd exercise. Proceed until you have completed 8 sets of all four exercises. You will be done in 16 minutes. 15 and 50 seconds to be exact. Post results to comments.

Tuesday Nov 23

Start a running clock, and do 10 squats to begin the minute. With the remainder of the minute, do as many double-unders as you can.
At the top of the 2nd minute, you must do 10 squats again, then back to double-unders.
Repeat this for 10 rounds, and as soon as the 10 minutes is up, run 1 mile as fast as you can.
Post total double-unders and time for mile to comments.

If you need assistance mapping a 1-mile course, goto Map My Run for an easy way to plot your course at any location.

Monday Nov 22

Warm-up: t-line drills
3 sets, 3 min rest between

With a running clock, you begin with 1 burpee as soon as you start the clock
At the top of the next minute, do 2 burpees
At the beginning of the 3rd minute, you must do 3 burpees, and so on.
Continue until you can not get the designated # of burpees done in the minute
Post score to comments (eg 15 rounds + 14 burpees)

Thursday Nov 18

Make-up/skill/active recovery

Light cardio, stretch, foam roll, massage, ice anything that needs it. Be proactive in your recovery efforts!

Kels and Paul both check the structural integrity of their respective boxes

Wednesday Nov 17

Warm-up: t-line drills
work on kipping pull-up – improve technique and speed

5 rounds for time:
15 KB swings (American)
15 BJs @ 24″
15 GH situps

Phil meets "Grace"

Tuesday Nov 16

Strength WOD: Press 3 – 3 – 3

Then, 2 rounds for max reps:
1 min hang power snatches @ 95/65 lbs
1 min double-unders
1 min pull ups
1 min push ups
1 min burpees

rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds

Noobie showdown!